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AEROSMITH Walk this Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith - Book [English]

Hang on, it's a hell of a ride. From the band that lived by the motto "Anything worth doing was worth overdoing", comes a quarter century of rock godhood: the life, the music, the truth, the hell, the lost years, and the raunchy, unsafe sex. And, of course, the drugs. Paperback (130x200 mm), 514 pages, written by Aerosmith and Spehen Davis. A bit worn.

60 SEK

ANDERS TENGNER Access All Areas - Book [Swedish]

Under tjugofem år flög Anders jorden runt och mötte hundratals rockband, många av dem privat. Vi möter giganter som bla Kiss, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, Deep Purple och Iron Maiden i personliga intervjuer som varvas med detaljerad historik. Pocket (110x178 mm), 458 sidor.

30 SEK


Featuring their energetic 2004 live show at the Tavastia Club. The DVD also includes several music videos, some behind the scenes footage, interviews and a photo gallery. There is a bonus audio CD of the Live at Tavastia Club performance.

140 SEK

BLOD ELD DÖD En Svensk Metalhistoria - Book [Swedish]

Under det tidiga nittiotalet revolutionerade svensk death metal den internationella metalscenen. Plötsligt låg Sverige i frontlinjen för en ny musikrörelse. Med utvecklingen av black metal blev musiken ännu extremare. Snart brann kyrkor både i Norge och Sverige. Danskt band (155x230 mm), 364 sidor av Ika Johannesson och Jon Jefferson Klingberg.

80 SEK

BRUCE DICKINSON Biografin om sångaren i Iron Maiden - Book [Swedish]

Följa den mångsidige Bruce Dickinsons historia; från en trevande start på karriären med lånade bongotrummor till ett mer seriöst satsande Samson och vidare ut på världens arenor med Iron Maiden. Pocket (110x178 mm), 327 sidor. Skriven av Joe Shooman

30 SEK

CHILDREN OF BODOM Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live - DVD

Over 80 min of the most intense live shredding to date. Including documentary, behind the scenes footage and promo videos.

60 SEK


Live in Kraków, Poland 2002 during the Damage Done tour. Bonus material includes bootleg recordings from Essen, Athens and Paris, an interview, biography, discography, photo gallery, art gallery, desktop images, web links, two music videos etc. Comes with a booklett.

60 SEK

DIMMU BORGIR World Misanthropy - 2xDVD + MCD

Rare box released in 2002. Comes in a Digipak housed in a Slipcase. The Digipak unfolds in the form of an inverted cross.

300 SEK

DUFF MCKAGAN It's So Easy (och andra lögner) - Book [Swedish]

En av rockvärldens smartaste och mest vältaliga personligheter, Guns N Roses basist Duff McKagan, tar läsarna med på en skakande resa till det mörka hjärtat i ett av rockhistoriens största och mest ökända band. Pocket (110x178 mm), 382 sidor.

30 SEK

EUROPE Only Young Twice, historien om Europe - Book [Swedish]

Från den stökiga starten i slutet av 70-talet, via succén med The Final Countdown 1986 och vidare in i rockhistorien. Ta del av framgångssagan men också bandets svårigheter med dålig rådgivning och stora ekonomiska problem. Pocket (110x178 mm), 397 sidor. Skriven av Mattias Kling.

30 SEK

GUNS N' ROSES Welcome to the Jungle - Book [Swedish]

I den här boken får du veta allt om vägen till bandets enorma framgång, bråken, drogerna, konserterna, inspelningarna och skandalerna. Pocket (110x178 mm), 410 sidor. Skriven av Stephen Davis.

30 SEK

IN FLAMES Used and Abused... in Live we Trust - 2xDVD + 2xCD

Limitied Edition box set. Comes in a high class digibook, slipcase and a 48 pages A5 booklet. Contains tons of live material, video clips and backstage scenes.

250 SEK

KEE MARCELLO Rockstjärnan som gud glömde - Book [Swedish]

Så fort Kjell Hilding Löfbom hörde Deep Purples klassiska live-platta Made in Japan i pojkrummet i Umeå 1973 visste han att han ville bli gitarrist. Målet var klart – en dag skulle han precis som Richie Blackmore stå och lira framför horder av skrikande fans. Pocket (110x178 mm), 305 sidor.

30 SEK

KISS Behind the Mask: The official Authorized Biography - Book [English]

A history of the iconic rock-and-roll band draws on interviews with all four members and their photograph archives, offering insight into their music, their high-energy stage performances, their decision to remove their makeup, and their triumphant reunion. Paperback (147x220 mm), 431 pages, written by David Leaf and Ken Sharp.

70 SEK

KISS Den osminkade sanningen - Book [Swedish]

Den mest detaljerade och ärliga biografin som någonsin skrivits om det mytomspunna bandet. Utökad och ocensurerad pocketutgåva. Pocket (110x178 mm), 550 sidor. Skriven av Carl Linnaeus.

30 SEK

KISS Kiss and Sell: The Making of a Supergroup - Book [English]

Takes the reader behind the curtains and into the real world of Kiss. An eyewitness account of the dramatic rise and decline, and spectacular re-emergence, of one of the '70's most successful and provocative supergroups. Paperback (180x230 mm), 350 pages, written by C.K.Lendt. A bit worn.

120 SEK

LED ZEPPELIN Hammer of the Gods - Book [English]

If ever there were Satanic Majesties of rock their name was Led Zeppelin. The band that out-sold the Rolling Stones and made Robert Johnson's deals with the devil look like a playground game of conkers were as high, inflated and glorified as their namesake. Paperback(110x178 mm), 372 pages by Stephen Davis.

30 SEK

LEMMY White Line Fever - Book [Swedish]

Lemmy har späckat White Line Fever med hejdlösa anekdoter, oförglömliga oneliners och en skön attityd mitt emellan engelsk gentleman och röjig slapstick. Pocket (125x190 mm), 282 sidor. OUT OF PRINT!

120 SEK

MER HÅRDROCK Smink, läder och headbanging - Book [Swedish]

Följ med på en oförglömlig resa till landet Hårdrock och träffa några av hårdrockens största stjärnor! Dessutom roliga listor och tips om låtar, skivor och filmer samt unika privata bilder och fantastiska illustrationer. Så vad väntar du på? På med nitbältet så kör vi! Inbunden (160x230 mm), 264 sidor av Melker Becker och Mattias Lindeblad.

80 SEK

METALLICA Some Kind of Monster - 2xDVD [Swedish cover and subs]

Swedish edition. Award-winning film offers a revealing and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Metallica as they confront personal demons and their relationships with each other while recording their Grammy-winning album, St. Anger.

100 SEK

METALLICA Terapi, droger och Rock n' Roll - Book [Swedish]

Historien om hur den tennisspelande kassettbandssamlaren Lars Ulrich gjorde sina pojkrumsdrömmar till världsomspännande verklighet tillsammans med värstingen James Hetfield. Pocket (110x178 mm), 490 sidor. Skriven av Mick Wall.

30 SEK

MÖTLEY CRÜE The dirt: bekännelser från världens mest ökända rockband - Book [Swedish]

Whisky och porrstjärnor, bilkrascher, svart läder och höga klackar, överdoser och död är alla ingredienser i Mötley Crües liv - det band vars medlemmar dricker mest, slåss mest, har mest sex och är mest arroganta i världen. Pocket (110x178 mm), 576 sidor. Skriven av Neil Strauss.

30 SEK

NIKKI SIXX The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star - Book [English]

In one of the most unique memoirs of addiction ever published, Mötley Crüe's Sixx shares mesmerizing diary entries from the year he spiraled out of control in a haze of heroin and cocaine, presented alongside riveting commentary from people who were there at the time. Paperback (150x200 mm), 413 pages, written by Nikki Sixx with Ian Gihins. Embossed cover.

100 SEK

OZZY OSBOURNE I Am Ozzy - Book [English]

Osbourne freely admits that his dizzying life of excess should have killed him. People ask me how come I'm still alive, and I don't know what to say. . . . But here I am: ready to tell my story, in my own words, for the first time. Paperback (150x230 mm), 391 pages.

70 SEK

PAIN Live is Overrated - DVD

Limited Edition Digipack version. Features 2 great, energetic shows played at Metalmania 2005 and at Cracow TV Studio, covering PAIN's whole discography as well as bonus videoclips and extras.

120 SEK


PETER CRISS Makeup to Breakup: My Life in and Out of Kiss - Book [English]

Legendary founding KISS drummer Peter "Catman" Criss has lived an incredible life in music, from the streets of Brooklyn to the social clubs of New York City to the ultimate heights of rock 'n' roll success and excess. Paperback (150x230 mm), 368 pages.

70 SEK

RAMMSTEIN Lichtspielhaus - DVD

Rare 10 panel digipack edition. A compilation of all their videos to date (December 2003) and some live performances, commercials, trailers and "makings-of".

200 SEK

RAMMSTEIN Lichtspielhaus - DVD

Super Jewel Case Edition. A compilation of all their videos to date (December 2003) and some live performances, commercials, trailers and "makings-of".

60 SEK

RAMMSTEIN Live Aus Berlin - DVD

Super Jewel Case Edition. Filmed on August 22nd and 23rd 1998, and features the band performing some of their best tunes. Extras: Multiple Camera Takes, Interactive Contest, Hidden Bonus Track, 16-Page Full Color Booklet, Interview with Subtitles. Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

60 SEK

ROLLING STONES Accoring to the Rolling Stones - Book [English]

The Stones themselves reveal the story behind the legend, getting right to the heart of what makes the group tick. Paperback (125x195 mm), 346 pages, written by Rolling Stones.


STEVEN ADLER My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns n' Roses - Book [English]

Forty years, twenty-eight ODs, three botched suicides, two heart attacks, a couple of jail stints, a debilitating stroke... Now, Steven Adler (ex-Guns n' Roses drummer), the most self-destructive rock star ever, is ready to share the shattering, untold truth. Paperback (150x230 mm), 286 pages.

70 SEK

TONY IOMMI Iron Man - En resa genom himmel & helvete med Black Sabbath - Book [Swedish]

Iron Man är storyn om mannen bakom myten skildrad med humor, intelligens och värme. Bandets gitarrist berättar öppet om den turbulenta karriären, de kraschade äktenskapen, kampen mot drogerna, och om hur han hittade tillbaka till sin dotter. Pocket (110x178 mm), 302 sidor.

30 SEK

TURBONEGRO Droger, Deathpunk & Denim - Book [Swedish]

Nordens svar på The Dirt: Den chockerande berättelsen om de skandalomsusade rockhjältarna Turbonegro, som du aldrig fått - eller vågat - möta den förut. Inbunden (150x230 mm), 854 gram, 532 sidor av Håkon Moslet.

100 SEK

V/A Ultimate Revenge: A Guide To Polish Death Black Metal Scene - DVD+CD

Great release from 2002 by Metal Mind Productions. The best guide to Polish death/ black metal scene. 41 tracks (20 videos, 21 audio) from the best Polish extreme acts: Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Dies Irae, Lux Occulta, Yattering, Lost Soul, Hate, Devilyn, Azarath, Lost Soul, Anal Stench, and many more.

120 SEK

VINCE NEIL Tattoos & Tequila - Book [English]

Rock's ultimate bad boy lets the "real" dirt fly in this raw, raunchy, and completely uncensored road trip through the unbelievable depths of rock n' roll debauchery. For 30 years, Neil has been one of rock's most notorious frontmen. Now, he tells the whole story, in his own words. Paperback (150x230 mm), 292 pages.

70 SEK

WENDY MOORE Into the Void... With Ace Frehley - Book [English]

Through the years 1998 to 2000, Ms. Moore was, KISS Guitarist, Ace Frehley's girlfriend, confidante and Personal Assistant. Her story includes living with one of rock and rolls most outrageous living guitarists, Ace Frehley battle with drug addiction. Under the definition Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll you will see Wendy's picture. Paperback (140x215 mm), 221 pages.

90 SEK

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN Så som i himmelen, så och på jorden - Book [Swedish]

"Årets, kanske årtiondets mest beroendeframkallande biografi. Läs boken!" 9/10
[Critical Mass] .
Pocket (110x178 mm), 354 sidor. Skriven av Anders Tengner.

30 SEK